It’s Not About How Life Comes at You, But How You Go At Life

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It's Not About How Life Comes At You

This past Sunday morning, after taking my mother-in-law to church, I had the idea of getting a little breakfast snack from a local coffee/donut shop.  Upon arriving I noticed a lady at the counter before me waiting while the counter person was busy in the back.  The lady at the counter had an order in at the adjacent fast food restaurant and they announced her order was up so she left the line at the coffee shop.  She came back in time to witness the counter person, who happened to be working by herself, taking my order.  Immediately there was tension and attitude in the air.  The lady that was there when I arrived began arguing that she was there before me and took offense to me being served before her.  The counter worker, who didn't like being confronted in such a manner, took offense after stating that she never saw her waiting.  Something I do believe was the case, but even if she did see her and took her time coming to the counter, still couldn't have known the lady wasn't gone for good.  So I stood back and observed how the situation escalated into an argument of blown out proportion. Normally I'd take a side and put my 2 cents in but I've grown in a different direction.  I see every situation as a creation of the minds involved.

People make their minds up on how they are going to react to certain situations.

These two individuals made their minds up that they were gonna react to any form of perceived "disrespect" with attitude and confrontation.  From my observation, it was cause and effect that they encountered each other that day.  The way they handled their encounter was the creation of their mentality.  If they had decided beforehand that they were gonna show love and compassion to everyone they encounter, that situation never could have occurred.  They "attracted this confrontation" with their mindsets.   If you leave the house with a defensive attitude then you have to be confronted by someone.  Your mind will make any encounter an attack.  Their mindsets were looking for someone to argue with.

Your Thoughts Create your Circumstances

This is what Reverend Ike was explaining to people for years.  Today it's called "manifesting" or "law of attraction", but through my studies, I've come to realize it's mental science that is at work.  Regardless of the name or title, it's the principle of cause and effect.  Thomas Troward broke it all down, more thoroughly than anybody else, many years ago in The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science , that first cause of everything is thought.  Thought takes place before anything else so whatever situation you are confronted with is created through the mind first.  be-the-person-you-want-to-deal-with

Suppose the two ladies mentioned above had a mindset defined by the idea that they were gonna Be the person they wanted to deal with.  If this was the case, would it have been likely that they would have the same encounter?  I think not.  If you go out into the world being the person you want others to be, you are bound to have encounters that reflect that mentality.  This is synonymous with what Jesus, the great mental scientist, was teaching when he stated: "Love thy neighbor as thy self".   This is mental science at work and believe me it gets much deeper.


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