“Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds” does a great job of explaining what the GetRight Movement is about.

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Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds, directed by Daniel Schmidt, is a special interest feature on Amazon prime video I checked out recently, about the universal vibrational field that connects everything. I’ve been looking for works like this because it scientifically expresses, in a modern way, ideas that I heard about in my related studies. We all are drawn to ideas that support what we believe. Call it confirmation bias all you want but if your beliefs are confirmed in any way you feel blessed. The video made me feel I’m on the right track.

On the right track about what you might say? On the right track about our minds creating our circumstances and thus contributing to the overall collective circumstances apparent in the world. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds examines in a historical and scientific manner the relationship between what we believe consciously and life itself. This all connecting vibrational field that the video examines is believed to be regulated by the consciousness man holds in his mind.

This idea rings true to me because of my interest in the works of Thomas Troward. This master thinker, through his books and lectures he presented over a hundred ago, clearly describes what the presenters of Inner World, Outer Worlds postulate. In other words, Troward was laying down the metaphysical facts of the “who”, “how” and even the “why” of the universal supreme creative force. This movie showed me that the quantum physicians of today are primarily focused on the “what”

The Vibrational field is Spirit

In this post I want to get a conversation started, with like minds, about what the ideas presented in Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds means to you. The first clarification I would like to bring awareness to is this: The vibrational field they refer to in the movie is Spirit. Spirit, according to the Honourable Judge Troward in The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science, is the essence of all existence.

I don’t know if there is a resistance to referring to the energy, vibration, matter, and intelligence of the universe as spirit or if no one of note has made the connection. Everything is of Spirit. Spirit is what gives everything it’s energy, movement, intelligence and most importantly, LIFE.

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