Elevation is Change for the Better, but To Be Different You Have to Do Different. #GetRightQuotes

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Elevation is change for the better.
Individuality means to have qualities that are unique to ourselves in some way.  We all are individuals.  Each having attuned to our environments in a personalized manner.  This is a great thing.  Our differences make us interesting to each other.  So interesting that we attempt to imitate the differences we like and feel we lack.  This is a good thing in general.  We usually choose well in what we desire to emulate.
However, there is a polarity to everything.  Since there is this polarity, we have to decide what direction a change will take us in.  Is it a positive change for the better or a negative change for the worse?  To be different in a negative manner will reflect in our life and environment.  I don’t know why anyone would choose this type of change but we see it all the time.  People wanting to be accepted by others from the negative polarity is evidenced all around.  The ghetto and hate groups are just a couple of examples.
Elevation is the act of changing in the direction of the positive polarity.  Changing yourself for the better is elevation.  Elevation is the only way to change and make life better for yourself and in doing so, make it better for everyone in your environment.  Elevation is always the best reason to change.  We can say Love is the polarity of positive change so to elevate is to change in the direction of Love.
To BE different you have to Do different.
The evidence of the polarity you are going is in what you do.  If you’re changing for the positive then there will be more love in your actions.  There will be more love in your words. What you do is the evidence of your polarity. Change when you know the difference amounts to an increase of Love. Elevation is the most worthy reason to strive to be different.
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