The GetRight Movement is Conscious Elevation

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The Better Your Thoughts, The Better Your Life.

The GetRight Movement is Conscious Elevation

Bodybyloud! The GetRight Movement is Conscious Elevation. It literally means "of higher consciousness or mind".  It is so because that's what I say it means.  I have the power to say what it means because I thought it up myself.  I learned that "Only Thought is Creative" from Thomas Troward. It means whatever I think is a creation so when I had the thought "Bodybyloud!" I was creating.  Yeah, I was high when I thought it up but that's why it came to mind.  If I wasn't high when I thought it up it wouldn't have been Bodybyloud!  The "loud" is crucial to the creation because that's what I was high on when I came up with it.  Loud is strong cannabis if you didn't already know. Cannabis elevates your consciousness in some ways.(it may dull it in others) so, the idea itself was from a higher consciousness and thus... the name is what it is.

Man and everything that exist, is OF the Universal Supreme Creative Consciousness/Mind/Force, which is the only and highest consciousness there is.  Anyone who would like to understand how  this statement is true should check out, The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by the Honorable Judge Thomas Troward, where he breaks down what the essence of universal supreme creative force is.  He also postulates the way to raise our consciousness by elevating it to the essence of the Universal Supreme Consciousness.

Troward states  Consciousness in man is a stage in evolution.  The only way to evolve from this stage is conscious elevation.  By the maintenance of a conscious mindset that mirrors the essence of the Universal Supreme undifferentiated Consciousness.  This means keep your mind on Love, Peace, Harmony, Freedom, and Beauty because that's what the essence of God is.

Life is a gift from God.  The primary purpose of life is the enjoyment of this gift.  Besides enjoyment, the next greatest thing about this gift is our God-given ability to have it more abundantly by using our ability to create what we desire.  This is what makes us in the image and likeness of God.  God created us out of its desire to express life.  As a result, we are granted unlimited potential.  We are eternally grateful for this gift!

This potential can only be maximized by the cultivation of thoughts, affirmations, prayers, mentalities and, actions that express this Creative gift.  Consciousness is our creative gift from God.

Bodybyloud! The GetRight Spot! is here to help facilitate the elevation of the consciousness in man.  We are here to say we are of God and seek to reach our greatest potential through our acknowledgment of the essence of God in us, which is Love, Peace, Harmony, Beauty, Freedom, and Life.

The Better your Thoughts, The Better Your Life. In that order. This is the Law of Conscious Elevation.

As we think, so shall we be. This is the just of the law of consciousness or being. It means that our circumstances are a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. What you think and feel about life, is your life. As within, so without. The outside must reflect the inside.

This is true for the individual and the collective. The circumstances, condition, or state of the world is a reflection of the collective consciousness of its inhabitants. The world reflects peace when peace is the dominant frame of mind/consciousness of the people of the planet. The world reflects strife or war when we have strife and war in our conscious mind collectively or communally.
The outside can only reflect the inside, by law. A man cannot reflect love if he is thinking and feeling hatred in his heart. That goes against the law, which cannot be done.

Life is a State of Consciousness

We can be born into or inherit a tendency of consciousness. The impressions we have of life are easily transferred from one person to the next. With no understanding of the law, we FALL victim to it.  If negativity is impressed on the subjective mind and is taken in as truth the life will reflect the negativity.

This is how a "ghetto mentality" creates the ghetto.  The inhabitants may inherit the tendency to act in a manner they feel is appropriate for the neighborhood but that's the mentality that created the circumstances in the first place.  We must always remember,

Thought is the First Cause of ALL Effect.

Is there such a thing as a ghetto state of mind? If we understand the law, then we understand a ghetto is a condition or circumstance of a collective state of mind. You change the mental state of the inhabitants, the conditions and circumstances change accordingly.   The ghetto is typified as an area of low standard of living. The only conscious mind state that can elevate the standard of living in any area is the elevation of Love in that area. This is why Love is God and God is Love. The power of love is without limit.

On a personal level, as a person chooses to focus their consciousness on the love of life and the gift that it is. This means having better thoughts about life and all there is in it. Life is better for that individual by the law of conscious elevation. You cannot think and feel great about life and have a worse life or a life that does not reflect those thoughts and emotions. This is impossible. Your life is automatically better because your thoughts and feelings reflect it.  This is the meaning of "as a man thinketh so shall he be.", and why thought is the first cause of all effect.

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