Bodybyloud! does Denver, Colorado

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Bodybyloud! Does Denver, Colorado

Mrs. Loud and I love to take trips to legalized cannabis countries and states.  Last year it was Jamaica, and the year before that it was Montreal, Canada.  Though neither of those was legal destinations when we went, the latter has recently made it official.  They were cannabis friendly at the time.

This Denver excursion was planned with several couples but as life unfolds plans change.  We truly wish we could have experienced this trip with adventurous travelers with a love for fine food, weed, and brew, like ourselves.  However, Mrs. Loud and I know how to have fun, just the two of us.  At the end of the year, we did New Orleans!

Charlotte NC

This adventure starts off in Charlotte, North Carolina as the official team of Bodybyloud!, the Dallas Cowboys visited the Carolina Panthers for the kick-off of the 2018 NFL season.   Our flight to Denver was pretty early Monday morning out of Charlotte, so we decided to head up for the game on Sunday, tailgate with friends and spend the night there.  We're big Cowboys fans so we were in enemy territory for the evening but all was well.  We had a blast hanging with a few co-workers of mine who cooked out for the game. We then went over to The WFNZ Coca-Cola Doghouse to watch the game.  It was a good game.  The Cowboys had a slim chance to tie it in the last few minutes but couldn't do it.   We finished up the evening with dinner and margaritas at Fiesta Maya.

Cowboys - Panthers Game at WFNZ Doghouse

We Arrive in Denver, Colorado

Aerial pic of countryside Denver Colorado
Denver Airport on landing pic 2
Denver International on landing pic 1

For some reason, we have pics from outside Denver International Airport but none from inside the airport.  It's a large, beautiful facility and fairly easy to navigate.  It does take a while to get through security check but that's how it is in most places where there's a lot of traffic.  Denver is one of those places.  It's a major business destination and is carrying out many plans to accommodate business people.  The train from the airport takes you into downtown Denver to Union Station.

Union Station

Union Station
Water Fountain Display at Union Staion
Train Hall

Downtown Denver

We had a 4pm check-in time but we arrived in Denver at 8am so we had a good bit of time to kill before we could go to our Airbnb.  We ended up wandering the LoDo area of Downtown Denver.  Hungry as heck we decided to stop and eat.  Urban Farmer is the spot Mrs. Loud picked out.  It's not exactly the breakfast I was looking for, a little on the extravagant end, but it was good.  They had fresh made English muffins and in-house made sausage.  The dining environment was quite elegant.

Urban Farmer Denver

The Cannabis Experience: Part 1

We roamed around downtown for a while before we decided to get right to the get down and find some fine medical grade cannabis.  Made the mistake of hitting a dispensary downtown in the business district.  Found out later that it's a tourist trap.  These places have jacked up rates on the weed because of their location. This, according to several locals we talked to later.

[advanced_iframe securitykey="8ace290906ce3ee87b260009d7be8d4f0e9cefa9" use_shortcode_attributes_only="true" src="" width="500" height="500" scrolling="auto" enable_ios_mobile_scolling="true" id="advanced_iframe" multi_domain_enabled="true" ]

Benny Blancos Slice of the Bronx

Of course, y'all know Bodybyloud! is about food, weed, and brew.  We had our bud, so we got back to the food.  On a mission to find something to eat for lunch we looked for a place with good wings and Yelp sent us to Benny Blancos.  I'm glad I was really hungry cause the wings had nothing on the pizza.  Those slices were the bomb and we hadn't even smoked yet.  Wish me made it back there before we left.

Benny Blancos 1
Benny Blancos 2

Cigars on 6th

Gotta give a shout to the fellas at Cigars on 6th.  Actually I was on a run to get something to roll some of that getright we had got earlier and decided to go there since it was within walking distance.  When I walked in I realized it wasn't that type of "smoke shop". They guys are serious about cigars.   It was cool to see a mixed race of guys lounging, smoking on stoggies.  I had to play it off so I acted like a was looking for a cigar to enjoy.

The gar-tender was nice enough to lead me into the humidor to see what they had to offer.  I got a connoisseur cigar and a couple of dried up, unwrapped ones I thought would be good to use for a blunt, lol.  An expensive trip to a "headshop" for something to roll a joint with.  It was all good though.



The Cannabis Experience: Part 2 Silver Stem

Not that we were totally underwhelmed by the first batch of dispensary weed we purchased but it wasn't the best and we didn't go all the way out there for "ok" cannabis.  We came for the finest there was.  A friend in the area said we should hit up their favorite dispensary which is Silver Stem Fine Cannabis East Denver Dispensary.

We were told, after the fact, that we were in the hood on Colfax but we couldn't tell.  The ghettos in Denver have dispensaries on every corner like liquor stores in other hoods. That and coffee shops.  Our bud-tender at Silver Stem on Colfax was the coolest.  He was informative and patient.  He let us take a whiff of anything we were curious about and listened to what we were looking for before suggesting anything.  He shared what he liked and what were fan favorites and we decided we were gonna go with:


Mimosa was the "This shit right here, nigga" weed of the trip.  It has a wonderful aroma and taste.  Kinda citrusy and sweet.  It was fresher with a smooth, calm psychoactive effect.

Super Lemon Haze

Great lemon flavor and aroma.

We got another strain of cannabis, I just gotta remember what it was.  I'll admit I should have been blogging each night during the trip instead of attempting to put it all together weeks later.  From now on that will be the case.

Upon leaving the Silver Stem, we stopped by the  Affinity Dispensary down the street and picked up a joint of Gorilla Glue and smoked it while walking down the street to get something to eat.

Silver Stem

After leaving Affinity we were hungry as hell so we stopped at the fine diner, GB Fish and Chips. I had the Shepherds Pie and Mrs. Loud had the oysters.  Really good food.

gb-fish-and-chips denver co

We got our first taste of the Silver Stem at Alamo Placita Park.  A beautiful botanical garden oasis.  The next day we start the day off with brunch at Una Mas Taqueria before taking the culture of the city at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

alamo-placita-park denver, co
Una Mas Taqueria of Denver, CO
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