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At the inception of a particular genre of music, the originators or pioneers, generally make use of ideas and concepts which have come before.

Nowhere is this truer than in the case of Hip Hop... It is well known that early Hip Hop derived its core sound by incorporating elements of Disco, Soul, Rock, Jazz & Funk... I think it could safely be said that Hip Hop was inspired by these...

That is, until the arrival of artist like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, Rza & MF DOOM... These particular artists took the formula and flipped it. They set out to make Soul, Rock, Jazz & Funk that was inspired by Hip Hop.

I too decided to take this approach with the soundtrack to my first feature-length film... It's entitled "THE ILLAMENTALS...Acts I, II, III". The film, "M.J. McCoy's...LEAN".

I've coined the phrase "Sonic Cinema" to explain the concept, in that, the composition's sonically relate the meaning & emotionality of the story.

It's a playfully funky little piece of work that's just dripping with soul.

I share this in an effort to raise awareness of the project as a whole and to demonstrate its merits...So if you can dig... then dig it by showing your support, visit the page, "Like, Follow & Share"..better still... Hit the link & buy it for $1... assist me in accomplishing what some say & believe can't be done.

-Lord Illest

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