‘Born Again’ Means Operating Through a New Consciousness

I used to wonder what ‘Born Again’ meant for a long time.  As a some of a minister it was something literals referred to as being a new member of the Christian community.  This membership required you believe in the resurrection of Jesus.  This belief was what I thought being born again really was.  But how could  just believing that make you born again?  It wasn’t till I got into the study of mental science through books about new thought did I realize what the term actually meant.  

A New Mentality is a New Life

The truth in the statement “As a man thinkers so is he” lead me to the truth about being born again.  Once you take on a new way of thinking you consequently take on a new life creatively.  You’re creating a different life from a new mind.  A new mind equals a new life.  You can’t have the same situations and circumstances from a new nature of thought.  This new mentality has its own creative power the likeness of its nature.  The life expressed reflects the mentality of the person.  The change in mentality creates the changed life expression.  This is the rebirth expressed by the term “Born Again”.

By Bodybyloud! Vint

Hello, I AM Vincent Harris aka Bodybyloud! Vint, the founder of The GetRight Movement. I just want to help others with having a better life. I believe it begins with correcting the way we think. I like to debate.

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