Bodybyloud! Is an All-Profit Organization

We are a All-Profit Organization. Our goal is to make life better for everyone, everywhere. Our mission is to teach better thinking which we call Elevation Consciousness or Bodybyloud! This consciousness has as it a main tenet,  Right Thinking which is “Good Thinking” or always thinking the most positive thought.

On order to obtain and maintain a elevation consciousness we deemed it advantageous  to create spaces for people to indulge in activities away from the negative mindset. The spaces we creates are The GetRight Spot!, Bodybyloud! FM and this website.

We have a YouTube Channel dedicated to #Elevation and #GetRightMusic It’s full of videos and audiobooks for those seeking help and inspiration to get their minds right. Getting your mind right it the first and most important step on any journey. The rest is all maintaining that mental focus. Come check out what we have curated and let us know what we might have missed. This is a group effort, an All-Profit movement, The GetRight Movement


By Bodybyloud! Vint

Hello, I AM Vincent Harris aka Bodybyloud! Vint, the founder of The GetRight Movement. I just want to help others with having a better life. I believe it begins with correcting the way we think. I like to debate.

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