Our GetRight Mission The Getright Movement

Hermes Trismegistus long established the fact that the Universe is Mind. This Mind is the Universal Supreme Creative Force. Bodybyloud! takes this knowledge, wisdom, and understanding and uses it to help everyone have the abundant life Jesus talked about.

“Right-Thinkings is the key to the gates of the Kingdoms of Heaven”

Vincent Harris, Founder


We are a God-Conscious Movement out to express the truth that wisdom about our relationship to the universal supreme creative force is our greatest gift.  This is the Christ Consciousness that the Master teacher, Jesus, taught and expressed.  We are here to spread the word that ‘All is Good’ because God is Good.  


We study the truth because the truth shall make us Free.  We study the field of Mental Science in order that we might make use of the Laws of the Universe.  We seek to know God, the universal supreme creative force, so that we might have life more abundantly.  

Meet Our Team

People on the journey of Conscious Elevation

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