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"Be That Guy"
By Johnny Burgos
From the album Love Through It All
Johnny Burgos’ "whatever I gotta do" motif on this track is fresh for these times of "I can take you or leave you" attitude, that has beset so much music, in this era. A dude, or chic, that’s willing to admit they'll change and do whatever it takes to get next to the object of their affection is rare these days. It an old-school sentiment that’s a breath of "fabreezed" air right now.
For a few minutes, the stench of disdain for the “chase” is wiped away from the atmosphere and replaced with the sweet aroma of straight-up "gotta have you" attraction. It takes you back to a different time in R&B/Soul.  That, and the groove, is why "Be That Guy" makes #DatGetRightMusic playlist.
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