Bodybyloud! Does New Orleans for the New Year

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We recently had a marvelous trip to Denver, Colorado then some friends invited Mrs. Loud and me to New Orleans to bring in the new year.  This is my first trip to Louisiana so I was full of wonderment and awe.  Along the way, some lessons were learned and some solidified. One lesson that was solidified was:

1: Get your own place to stay. Don't stay with anyone who's mood lowers the energy of everyone around.  You usually know who that person is beforehand, so act like you know.

2: Stay as close to the activities you wish to partake in.

This lesson was solidified by situations that could have been worse if we stayed with friends.  Besides, we always seem to get the dookey end of the stick when it comes to sleeping quarters when someone else picks the spot.  This won't happen when you get your own place.

Meeting up and enjoying friends then going about your business when you've had enough is the best way to go, in my opinion.  The Mrs. and I set our intentions on having fun which means we are capable of winging it.  Schedules and agendas get in the way of discovery and spontaneity.  Our smiles are set when we head out from home and we avoid downers because we're out to have fun.  Some people have difficulty being adventurous and must control everything.  Those are the people we meet up with and leave so we can explore and do our thing.

Just after reaching our destination of Slidell, LA we soon found out that we have a 40-minute drive, each way, into New Orleans to get to the festivities we came for.  It doesn't seem like much but when you plan on being high each night, how far you have to go back to your sleeping spot, is something to really consider.  We plan on being in New Orleans our next trip.



The French Quarter is a sight for virgin eyes.  I was full of wonder and excitement as we strolled through the streets of New Orleans.  It's also exactly how I imagined it to be, crowded and full of hustlers. I was taken for $36 bucks for what amounted to 2 shots of liquor by some hostesses for daiquiri shop.

  • Tip: Never accept anything before you ask the price.  I accepted the shots thinking they couldn't be more than 10 bucks together.  Boy, was I shocked and pissed when the lady said that'll be $36!  They got me that time, but you only get me once.

We got to witness several street performances by a few brass bands and a wedding procession.


We got our first taste of authentic New Orleans cuisine at Old Nola Cookery.  I have gator bites and Mrs. Loud had BBQ shrimp.  The food was good, but the prices for what you receive can be a tad high, but that's usually the case in tourist spots.

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