“Roll Wit Me” by Bantu and Jonas Blue (ft. Shungudzo and ZieZie: #DatGetRightMusic

 In #DatGetRightMusic, Music Elevation

"Roll With Me" by Bantu and Jonas Blue (Ft. Shungudzo and ZieZie) is #DatGetRIghtMusic because of the catchy hook and danceability of the track. You're ready to hit the dance floor as soon as the intro hits.  The video featured at the top is the dance video. Below is the official video.

I found music by Shungudzo, Jonas Blue and ZieZie that fit the #NewMusicElevation playlist.

For those who don't know by now, #DatGetRIghtMusic is my personal collection of new music that I love for some reason or another. This collection of music, artists, producers, musicians, record labels, etc is what I'll be blogging about.

Follow the hashtag all over the internet for music, videos, mixtapes mixes or whatever fits the description.  The motto is "It's Always #LITAF when you got #DatGetRIghtMusic"

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