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"Goosebumps" by Knox Brown is #DatGetRightMusic because of the groove, soul, and feel of the song. There's something about the way Knox Brown vocalizes the song that makes it something unique and soulful. The track evokes a feeling, like "Goosebumps".  We all get goosebumps for different reasons at different times but everyone knows the feeling.

Like an unexpected cool breeze, the hairs in your arm may stand on end when life synchronizes.  I was in the process of creating this post while watching the Super Bowl.  I'd been debating on which track on the playlist to post about next and a commercial for a TV talent gameshow appeared before my eyes.  Goosebumps was the motif of the ad.  Normally I would have gotten real chills about a sign or symbol that confirms I'm making the right choice.  It's happened so many times now that my intuition guides me to a good decision that the commercial only boosted my confidence in the decision.

Money Wants Me

What did give me chill bumps is I discovered a video earlier in the week that made me adjust my conscious relationship to money.  The video states that "Dollars wants me" is the attitude I should adopt about currency, so I tried it.  It's paying off already.  Just made money on the game with my new consciousness!  Coincidence, I think not.


The GetRight Spot! is Bodybyloud! I AM, Bodybyloud! Vint, the mind of both. Let's get our minds right and create what's good. Because Only thought is creative. Come join #TheGetRightMovement and get your elevated groove on to #DatGetRightMusic.
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