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Apple Music Playlists is Music Love on Bodybyloud!

We know everyone has their music platform preferences, so we strive to please as many people as possible.   We do Music Elevation on Apple Music and several other platforms by adding our favorite music to our music playlists. In this manner, we are showing love for music and artist. Spread music love by sharing our playlists.

By telling others what music we’re appreciating at the moment we are elevating the creators of that music. Whether they be artist, musicians, producers, writers, record labels, DJs, or online radio stations, they all deserve credit for good work and our music playlists are the way we show LOVE.

Join the music groups of Bodybyloud!

Elevate your favorite artist by posting the tracks in the groups. All we ask is that you actually like the music you post in the music groups and forums. Being honest and true is what it's all about.

Music Elevation works by the Law of Attraction. We attract more of what we give our attention to, so let's attract good music.

Our Apple Music Playlists feature R&B/Soul, Neo Soul, Deep Soulful House, Reggae, Rock, Funk and Hip-Hop!

Take part in helping us Elevate Music by posting the Apple Music tracks you feel should be on our music playlists and tag us @Bodybyloud


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