Hip-Hop Artist Elevation: Oddisee


Working out this am I decided to check out this artist a homie told me about.  The artist goes by the name of Oddisee and the album is called Alwasta

More than pleasantly surprised, I was impressed and had quite a good run to it as the #musicfuel of choice. You know, I had to dig deeper into Oddisee and make a playlist of his best stuff, according to Bodybyloud! of course.

That's what we do here.  So this post like all the rest. It's just the beginning and will change and grow over time.  For it to be good #musicfuel it has to give you a boost in energy and help you establish a rhythm or a groove.

Alwasta kept me pushing forward even with my ankle still sore from a recent sprang.  I wanted to go hard like I usually do and stretch my legs, but my ankle said, "Nigga, you best not."  It pays to listen to your body.  I also came to the realization that my bladder leaks a lil bit when I gotta pee real bad, lol.  Good thing I run in the country, plenty of woods around when nature punches you in your bladder.

Enjoy the music and post what you like in Hip-Hop Elevation.


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