“Boogeyman” by Stone Mecca: #DatGetRightMusic

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Good Funk will always be #DatGetRightMusic.  This fact makes "Boogeyman" by Stone Mecca an automatic choice for the New GetRight Music playlist.  Funk was my favorite music genre growing up.  With groups and artists like Parliament-Funkadelic, James Brown, Cameo, The Gap Band, and so many others, people from my generation were spoiled musically.  Funk was everywhere all the time.  Nowadays, funk is hard to find and good funk is a needle in a haystack. On "Boogeyman", Stone Mecca appears to be from another time.  The funk and rock have an organic feel, meaning it sounds natural, unlike music that sounds like the musicians were trying to be funky.  I deplore music that sounds like they set out to sound like James Brown.  Now that I've discovered this track and artist I checked out what else is out there and created a playlist of #datgetrightmusic I'm conscious of.

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