MIMS Guest Mix: MF Andrade by Music Is My Sanctuary

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MF Andrade (@mfa-3) is a Rotterdam home-based artist, with Cape Verdian roots. After a heavy professional kickboxing career, he spread his tentacles to multiple corners of art, starting with painting. From painting, he got into collecting records. Nowadays Andrade finds himself swimming in a pile of black gold, everything from Studio One to Detroit House/Techno to dusty African tribe sounds and other heavy vibes from all over the world. No boundaries no border. He plays almost everything, as long as it has the right groove, and as long it is a made of vinyl. You can find MF Andrade playing in different clubs in Holland, Red Light Radio, and as a resident of Eschschloraque Berlin where he organizes his own party.

Cover photo by Anne-Claire Lans Photography


The above is quoted from Music Is My Sanctuary.  It's one of Bodybyloud!'s favorite music sites on the web.  They do great work there and we appreciate all they do.  We hope to be like them when we grow up.

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