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The Marías new track "Clueless" is our next feature track on the New GetRight Music playlist.  It makes the playlist because of the groove and feel. It's what the young folks call chill music.  I'm unfamiliar with The Marías, like most of the artist on the playlist but I'm glad I ran across the track on Spotify.

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Bodybyloud! loves for like minds to come together because we believe we are here to enjoy each other.

This is why I wish to make the New GetRight Music playlist collaborative. The only condition is you have to join the hangout community here on the site.  Only members will be able to submit music to the playlist by posting updates to the member activity feed.  Members will be able to rate and vote music up to the playlist.  We are looking for moderators for the hangout group so be an active member in the group in order to be considered for moderator status.  Above all, come and enjoy the company of others who love music.


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