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Joining The GetRight Movement and being a Member of Bodybyloud! means you've made the choice to Get Your Mind Right.  This is a must if want to enjoy life.  Another must is that you surround yourself with Positive Minds.   Our primary mission is to CONSCIOUSLY ENJOY LIFE by learning and sharing what we've learned.  We want Members to share their journey while keeping each other positively focused.  

Bodybyloud! The GetRight Spot! is The Place to Get Your Mind RIght.  A place to enlighten and be enlightened.  A place to express yourself in an atmosphere of Positivity and Upliftment.  We celebrate What's Good!  We strive to keep negativity out.

As a Member, you also have these benefits.   

  1. Members Get a Personal Featured Music Playlist on their Members profile.
  2. Members Rate-up music to official Bodybyloud! playlists and radio stations.
  3.  Members decide who they want for Chiefs/Moderators.
  4. Members decided who and what is featured in The Getright Spot! (Front Page) as stories, artist, music, videos, and deserving Member profiles.
  5. Members enjoy groups designed to celebrate music and community.  All self-promotion or otherwise go in a designated group designed for just that.
Many more privileges to come!

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Remember to always bring your Positivity.

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