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You Can't Be What You Don't Do

You can't be what you don't do.  You can't be a photographer if you don't take pictures.  You can't be a barber if you don't cut hair.  You can't be a blogger if you don't write and publish a blog.  I can go on and on about what you can't be if your actions don't correspond.

You have to do it, to be it.

One of my things to be is a  blogger but for several years I rarely posted a blog. Can I really call myself a blogger if I hardly do it?  No.  I was and often still am more concerned about social media promotion.  Yet, I realize there has to be something, that I create, that's worth promoting and for now it has to be Bodybyloud! The GetRight Spot! the blog.

Whatever that thing is that you aspire to be.  Take a step each day in that direction.  Read a book about it.  Talk to someone who already does it.  But most of all start to do it.  The energy you have inside of you is itching to do something.  Anything.  Take control of that energy and do that something that makes your enjoyment of life grow.

Once you're doing it, that title will claim you.

The photographer, barber, blogger title will claim you as its own.  By the law of definition, it has no choice.  You are defined by what you do, but the action must come first.  So, whatever it is, DO your thing.

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