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Everyday, in Everyway, I Prosper!

Everyday, in Everyway, I Prosper! -Bodybyloud!


Like most people who desire success in life, we at Bodybyloud! seek information that sheds light on the power of the mind and how to use it to change our circumstances.  Our lives may be one way but we can see them being different, so we wonder:  What does it take to get to the desired destination? We think hard work is the way to make this successful life happen.  It does take effort but most people put in plenty of work yet nothing seems to change much.

Even though I consider myself to be a pretty good thinker it still took me a long time to realize maybe I should seek answers from people who have studied the subject and find out what they have to say about the quest to create the life so many of us desire.

So here I am exploring the world of self-help and I come across the book,  The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

This book has set me on a new course in understanding how our subconscious mind creates our lives.  Joseph Murphy, does this by explaining to us what prayer is and how to scientifically pray.

At first, I thought it was a bit hokey-pokey then I began to adopt the ideas Mr. Murphy set forth in the book…

Never finish a negative statement; reverse it immediatly and wonders will happen in your life. – Joseph Murphy

Don’t misunderstand how difficult it is to change a mentality that has been developed over many years.  That’s how a negative mentality is developed, over time.  We innocently adopt this negative point of view on life over the years until it beings to adopt us.  Once it has become our default mentality, success at anything is pratically impossible.  Reversing this takes time.  The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is where I came up with my personal mantra and Life Elevation philosphy:

 Everyday, in Everyway, I Prosper!

This new found philosophy is now my default thought and belief.  No matter how negative the circumstance may appear to be,  I believe there’s an important lesson I need to learn from it and that lesson is a Gift from the universe that I’m to create success from.  Success is created and maintained by a positive mentality.

Creations must be thoughts first and the ability to turn thoughts into reality is what power is.  This all begins with a positive mindset.  I learned through this book that Desire is Prayer and that learning How to Pray is essential to Elevating Your Life.


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