Success is Nothing But Opportunity You’re Ready For

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Success is Opportunity You're Ready For

Success is Opportunity You're Ready For

Life is Opportunity. Every day is an opportunity to do something, accomplish and strive for something, and another chance to enjoy living. This means each day or moment is filled with success when we know what success actually is.

Success is a series of opportunities you take advantage of. You can only take advantage of opportunities you see and are ready for.

First, you must see the opportunity. You can’t see new opportunities if you’re focused on missed opportunities. If you missed it, you weren't ready for it, so don’t waste additional energy dwelling on spilled coffee. Focus on the next opportunity. Most opportunities are waiting for you to get to where you can take advantage of them. They are waiting for you to be ready for them. Get yourself ready for a wider range of opportunities by learning more things and being positive about what you can do with what you learn.

Next, you have to do or live the opportunity that you are ready for. Action is important because the doing of the thing is what gives the effect. You have to take the shot. Life is opportunity, so success is everywhere. Success is the effect of the cause of taking advantage of opportunities.

This is why we say, Success is nothing but opportunity you're ready for.

During the course of writing this post, I realized success is what we give ourselves, through accomplishment. I saw the opportunity to write this post, I wrote it, I am satisfied and now I have success, lol.


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