Who Are Your Peoples?

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Who Are Your Peoples?

We often make the mistake of not knowing who our Peoples are, by strictly teaching ourselves to recognize our people by their likeness or closeness to us. Instead of, how they actually treat us.  Your peoples are the folks who support your quest for success and your desire to grow and expand.

Your peoples don't come in any particular age, race, sex(ual orientation), religion, gang affiliation, national heritage, neighborhood, or any other specific demographic.  We can have physical or communal ties to people of any group, however, what makes a person your peoples is that personal caring they express to you.

This means anyone can be your peoples if you give them the freedom to be a friend.

 Be the People You Want to Attract

The primary way to do that is to treat everyone as a friend right off-the-bat and let their individual freedom in response determine if they are your peoples or not.  Friendship begets friendship.  People who don't or can't reciprocate friendship are not ready to be your peoples.  Don't worry about them or hold it against them, be an example because those who can appreciate your example will be inspired and attracted to you.  These will become your peoples.

Your Peoples are the folks in your life or who come into your life, who want you to flourish and become all that you can be.  They want you to Elevate Your Life.  They desire Success and Happiness for you.  These are your Peoples.  We find them by attracting them to us, by being that person for others, in our deeds and actions.

Be the People You Want to Attract. - Bodybyloud!

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