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Blue Collar Superstar

Blue Collar Superstar is the sophomore solo project by Jorai, but there is no sophomore jinx here. Infused with spiritually inclined lyrics and introspective soliloquies, it may just as well be called The Book of Jorai. Every song plays like a chapter, every verse--well, like a verse. However, these scriptures are written in present tense with late-90s-inspired production as a foundation.

Somehow he makes the mundane magnificent, glorious even, with witty, insightful riffs about EBT cards, time clocks, and bootleg cable. He champions the working class and exploits the beauty in everyday moments. Themes of family and hope are the ties that bind the songs of this album.  All who listen will relate to the magnificent stories he tells through rhyme.

Showing us that, in spite of the current political landscape, the American Dream lives on in everyday people who work hard, pray often, and love deep. They still have something to say.  Blue Collar Superstar is written in their voice. It says, "We matter." Thanks to this album, we can all now say, "We hear you."

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