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Who's Next? Hip-Hop: Bugsy Calhoun

Bugsy Calhoun - B.E.A.S.T. - Best Ever At Spoken Thought

Bugsy Calhoun is an Emcee/Poet from Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY who now resides in Columbia, SC.  Bugsy lives Hip-Hop and poetry by being very active in the music and spoken-word/poetry scene all around the country.  Hence he's created several shows including; In The Beginning There Was the Word (Open Mic), The Queens of Poetry (Ladies first open Mic), Soul Sista Slam, and 3Rd Round Knockout Slam.

Additionally, in the Columbia(Metro) area, he hosts several monthly local spoken-word/poetry/Hip-Hop shows, including the Bless The Mic show in Columbia which showcases local talent and gives the area poets a regular opportunity to express themselves.

Bless The Mic

Bless The Mic

A Founding Member Of The Unusual Suspects Poets/Slam team.

His albums include Miles To Go Before I SleepIn The Beginning, There was the Word, The Elephant In The Room, and is lastest B.E.A.S.T.

Proving himself to be a str8 up MC and a rather prophetic lyricist.  He's also a poet so consequently, wordplay is at the highest level.

Come Join Bodybyloud! Hip-Hop Elevation group and post the tracks you like from Bugsy's albums in the Hip-Hop and Poetry/SpokenWord groups. The highest rated tracks get highlighted in this post.

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Bugsy Calhoun

Bugsy Calhoun - Emcee/Poet/Entertainer

The GetRight Movement is Conscious Elevation. The GetRight Spot! is Bodybyloud! I AM, Bodybyloud! Vint, the mind of both. Let's get our minds right and create what's good. Because Only thought is creative and Thought is the first cause to all effect, so says the Honorable Judge Thomas Troward. Love all that's good in life. Come join #TheGetRightMovement and get your elevated groove on to #DatGetRightMusic.
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